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Integrity, Innovation & Commitment

About Us

At MFP & Co we believe that choosing the most suitable Accounting and Professional Services network is one of the most important decisions attributable to the growth and wellbeing of any business. We find many businesses are not entirely happy with their finance function, and as such many businesses today are suffering as a result.

MFP & Co’s core services are within the Accounting and Taxation areas amongst many other services with our alliance partners. With extensive continuous professional development being enforced on CPA firms, you can be assured that the advice given and updates received are accurate and current.

Our mission and philosophy with our clients is to focus on 3 main areas being Integrity, Innovation and Commitment.

  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

integrityWe believe that honesty and consistency is paramount to any service, and as such our promise is to provide the same quality of service throughout our relationship, regardless of whether your business is in start up, succession planning or exit phase. Our firm provides a personalised service and ensures that our relationship is tailored around your needs and wants.

innovationsChange is inevitable. To maintain the status quo in many instances is the fundamental source of decreasing productivity and wealth. One of our many products is the review of performance on a quarterly basis. An analysis is made on this review and action is taken immediately should there be any concerns.

commitmentFinally, we promise to deliver! The agreement and program that is negotiated at inception will be carried throughout our business relationship and expect to be held accountable otherwise.

Let us advise you with your accounting and taxation needs!